Why giving back will build your business – Guest blog by Karin Volo

Karin Volo, an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development. Here she states why companies win when they give back to society.

Contribution is a critical aspect to creating that bigger purpose that will drive a business forward by leaps and bounds. It doesn’t matter if the contribution is on a local community level or in tackling some of our global problems like hunger and environmental issues.  When the business has a purpose that is clearly defined, and values are infused into the organization through its people, it is the element of giving or contribution that will often motivate employees to do their best.

Even doing boring work, like filling out an excel sheet and crunching numbers (well, ok that might be exciting for some still), becomes significant and meaningful when the employee knows that he or she is contributing to making the world a better place in some way. They stop being a cog in the machine and know that what they do makes a difference—they are able to contribute on a personal level to a company contributing on a much bigger level. This excites them to get up in the morning and come to work.

The Universal Law of giving

There is a Universal Law of giving that companies are discovering works well in business. When you give freely without expectations or attachments, you will receive, often even greater in value, and not necessarily from the same source. In other words, give value to your customers and potential customers, and you will attract even more to your business. When a company has giving ingrained into its DNA the company will grow exponentially in ways that may even be unexpected.

All the proceeding profits to charity

GodEl is a Swedish company that has giving ingrained into the company’s DNA – all the proceeding profits are given to charity. Everyone who is involved wants to make a positive difference, thanks to the strong values held by GodEl and shared by the employees and customers. When the employees are excited, driven, passionate, and highly productive at work, this energy will spread within a company and propel the whole business forward. It is the core of the business, the soul of the company, and it is not possible to exist without the people working there.


Contribution brings meaning back into the workplace.


Pictured on top of the page is GodEls own Karin Ardell on her trip to the SOS Children’s Village in Bouar, Central African Republic.


Karin in Tuscany

Karin Volo, an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development, is known as the Evolution Expert. With over 15 years experience working with executive search, leadership mentoring as well as professional inspirational speaking, she is the Chief Joy Bringer of Evoloshen.com. She is a co-author of international best seller Engage!, a book specializing in Employee Engagement and also the author of the Bringing Joy children’s series. Karin’s passion is helping people better their lives through sharing all she has learned on her own journey.  To find out more and get some great bonuses, go to www.TheEngageBook.com and get your copy of Engage!


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