What is a designated contract?

For those who have not actively selected an electricity contract.

Have you recently moved and have not yet selected an electricity contract? In that case, you have likely received a designated contract from your network owner. What does the agreement mean for me? And what is the difference between a designated electricity contract and a regular contract? Here, we will go over everything you need to know about designated contracts.

Haven’t I already received another electricity bill?

In order to have electricity in your home, you need two contracts. One contract is with your network owner, who owns the electricity grid where you live and distributes the electricity to you, and one contract is with an electricity supplier from whom you purchase electricity. This is why you usually receive two invoices from two different companies.

Is the designated electricity contract different from my regular contract?

No. You have the same fair terms and conditions as all of our customers. SEK 39 per month + electricity at our purchase price. No notice period, no lock-in period and no mark-ups.

Why have I been given an electricity contract?

When you move, a so-called delivery obligation applies. This means that your electricity network owner is required by law to ensure that you are given an electricity contract from an electricity supplier. This type of electricity contract is called a designated contract or designated electricity contract, and it is assigned to you so that you do not have to be without electricity on the day you move into your new home. Since 2019, GodEl has been a designated supplier for Ellevio. This means that if you move within Ellevio's network, you will receive an electricity contract from us on the day you move, unless you actively choose another electricity contract.

How do I get an invoice for my electricity consumption?

If you are connected to Kivra, the invoice will automatically be sent there. Otherwise, you will receive a paper invoice. Please note that the invoice may be sent to your old address if you have not yet changed your registered address in connection with the move. We encourage all of our customers to choose the digital payment option because it is better for the environment. E-mail our customer service at kundservice@godel.se
to sign up for digital billing.