Climate-positive electricity contract.

How does it work?

To be able to call our electricity contracts climate positive there must be an ongoing work to reduce emissions, that is why we only have electricity with the eco-label Good Environmental Choice.
We also have experts who continuously measure our greenhouse gas emissions, and we plant trees that absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow. We make sure that we bind the same amount of carbon dioxide as our emissions, with 10% extra, to reduce the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

How is it done?

U&We ensures that we follow the world’s only independent standard for climate neutrality ISO 14021. Instead of binding 100% carbon dioxide, which is included in the standard, we bind 110% to become climate positive.
We also enlisted the help of the company PwC as an independent third-party auditor. In 2019, our value chain emitted 4487 tons of greenhouse gases (CO₂e) and for the electricity agreements to be climate positive, we have offset 4936 tons of greenhouse gases.

We only offer eco-labelled electricity.

Our climate-positive electricity contracts only contain electricity that is eco-labelled Good Environmental Choice. Good Environmental Choice is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation SSNC’s own environmental certification system applied on electricity. SSNC make strict demands on how electricity is produced and contributes to various projects to repair environmental damage and reduce electricity use through energy efficiency.

Climate positive thinking.

Since the beginning of GodEl, in 2005, several actions have been taken to get closer to climate positivity.

We only sell 100% renewable electricity from hydropower, wind power and solar power. Always eco-labelled Good Environmental Choice.

Our profit goes to charity, to date we have generated over 54 MSEK to Médecins Sans Frontiéres, Stockholms Stadsmission and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation amongst other.

We moved our office to climate smart premises and drastically reduced our electricity and paper consumption. Additionally, we only serve vegetarian food at staff events. In 2019 we become default electricity supplier for Ellevio, which means that a lot more people will get climate-positive electricity contracts.